DFW Nerd Night

You're Invited. Always.

We play games and help people - that’s our motto, and our simple mission. Every month we host an event called “Nerd Night”, where we play board, card, and video games to raise awareness, money, and supplies for a charity cause, and often have live music and door prizes as well. Everybody’s invited, and all donations go to the charity of choice. 

If you’re into playing games and/or helping people, this is the community for you!

Join us at our next Nerd Night!

Trade your old games for new ones!

Do you have games you don't play anymore? Something you might want to trade for a new title? If the answer is yes, you should join the DFW Nerd Night Math Trade, held on September 11th at DFW Nerd Night in Plano.

Math trades are a way for lots of people to organize game trades between each other. If you plan to attend the September 11th Nerd Night in Plano, you can participate! It's easy and fun!

To see what games are already in the trade, and instructions on how you can participate, visit the trade thread on BoardGameGeek:

DFW Nerd Night Math Trade