DFW Nerd Night

You're Invited. Always.

We play games and help people - that’s our motto, and our simple mission. Every month we host an event called “Nerd Night”, where we play board, card, and video games to raise awareness, money, and supplies for a charity cause, and often have live music and door prizes as well. Everybody’s invited, and all donations go to the charity of choice. 

If you’re into playing games and/or helping people, this is the community for you!

Join us at our next Nerd Night!

Extra Life DFW 2014

In 2014 the Dallas/Fort Worth area is partnering to raise funds for Children's Miracle Network hospitals through Extra Life, an annual event hosted to assist children's hospitals across the world. Sign up to be on Team DFW (the best team!) and help support our local children's hospitals, or your own favorite! 

You can follow team DFW on Facebook and Twitter. You can join Team DFW here or by clicking the playmat art below.  

Playmat art courtesy of Galen Ihlenfeldt and Phillip Jenne. Thanks guys!