DFW Nerd Night

You're Invited. Always.

We play games and help people - that’s our motto, and our simple mission. Every month we host an event called “Nerd Night”, where we play board, card, and video games to raise awareness, money, and supplies for a charity cause, and often have live music and door prizes as well. Everybody’s invited, and all donations go to the charity of choice. 

If you’re into playing games and/or helping people, this is the community for you!

Join us at our next Nerd Night!

Meet the Judges!

While the judges and I are reading all the submissions and selecting the 24 designers and teams to participate, we thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves to you! 

JR Honeycutt is the founder of DFW Nerd Night and The Nerds' Table, co-host of The Nerd Nighters, and an avid fan of tabletop games. His first published design, "Twirk" was the result of a game design competition much like this one. 

During the day, he manages the community for Level 99 Games. He designs as a member of Waitress Games, a four-man design team that occasionally makes games about Food Trucks. 

Find him on Twitter @JayAhre and on LinkedIn here

Andrew Christopher "Ace" Enriquez is the moral backbone of DFW Nerd Night, and the Producer and Co-Host of The Nerd Nighters. He's also the lead developer of Darkrock Ventures, coming soon from Gamelyn Games

You can find Ace cruising Twitter @cedeliing, looking for a new game to buy in a foreign language. His favorite game is Diplomacy with megaphones. 

He and JR spend two hours a day on the phone together, but don't agree on anything about games other than that they should be played as often as possible. 

Sen-Foong Lim is the short, Asian half of the table top design team, the Bamboozle Brothers.   Since 2011, they have released 7 games, covering a diverse range from the Euro-styled strategy game “Belfort” to “But Wait, There’s More!”, the party game about pitching wacky products.  Find out more about this dynamic duo and their games on www.bamboozlebrothers.com

Sen (as he is called) also organizes the London Family Game Days, events set up to teach non-gamers (especially families) about the great hobby of boardgaming.

You can follow Sen on Twitter at @SenFoongLim or e-mail him at sen@meeplesyrupshow.com

Daryl Andrews is a big fan of board games. He has worked in a variety of game industry roles including helping start a local board game cafe, worked for a local game store, game reviewer, giant game rentals, and setup the website/social media for an online game store. Furthermore, Daryl enjoys planning board game events. He is the founder of the  (Kitchener-Waterloo’s biggest board game convention), the director of the Great Canadian Board Game Blitz , and the founder of Tri-Cities Tabletop Events (bi-monthly local charity board game events).  Plus he likes to design board games too. Daryl’s first co-design The Walled City  just released Nov 2014, and his newest game Caffeine Rush will be hitting store shelves soon.

You can follow Daryl on Twitter at @darylmandrews or e-mail him at daryl@meeplesyrupshow.com


Phillip Jenné is a disgustingly talented graphic designer during the week, and a trusty yachtsman on the weekends. He's known for incredibly insightful game design with Zenion Games and Waitress Games and also for never having a single hair out of place. 

When Phillip isn't modeling 3D objects or waxing poetic about the deep connection between theme and mechanics,  he's likely setting up another Gamecrafter file for Waitress Games' latest prototype.

You can find Phillip's work at www.playzenion.com

Cody Lewis is the thematic heart of Waitress Games, and prefers the darkest, death-iest aspects of all games. Given the opportunity, he'd gladly stab you in the back to win a game of Student Bodies, or even a game of Pandemic. 

Cody's theme-first approach to game design is a huge part of every Waitress Game, and we couldn't imagine making a Euro-style farming game without him asking if the adjacent forest has Velociraptors in it. 

His day job requires him to crush precious gems with his bare hands. He also likes cats and the color purple. He may or may not be 15 years old.  

Brian Fightmaster Neff (that's his legal middle name) is known for having 1,000 indie RPGs in his mind. He's the MacGyver of storytelling games, which means you can give him a piece of string and a hammer and he'll give you an award-winning tabletop game. 

Brian is the brain of Waitress Games, and regularly reminds the rest of us at how good he is at winning arguments (see: trophies) and seeing the hidden player experience a game could unleash. 

He's also the designer of Frozen Star, coming to Kickstarter in 2015, and a number of Role Playing Games as well. Little known fact: Brian has an infinite supply of notecards.