DFW Nerd Night

You're Invited. Always.

We play games and help people - that’s our motto, and our simple mission. Every month we host an event called “Nerd Night”, where we play board, card, and video games to raise awareness, money, and supplies for a charity cause, and often have live music and door prizes as well. Everybody’s invited, and all donations go to the charity of choice. 

If you’re into playing games and/or helping people, this is the community for you!

Join us at our next Nerd Night!

We believe tabletop game players are uniquely qualified to build better local communities because of the relationships that are forged while playing games. We host monthly gaming parties for charity, and work to help communities across the country in every way we can. 

If you want to "Play Games and Help People," this is the community for you!

Since 2012, DFW Nerd Night has partnered with local and national organizations to help with raising over $80,000, all without ever charging for our events. Please join us! 

NEXT Nerd Night @ J Gilligan's in Arlington:

Saturday, September 9th, from 4pm to 1am (Facebook Event)

J Gilligan's: 400 E Abram, Arlington, TX 76010

Each month we also go to the Ronald McDonald Houses of Fort Worth and Dallas and play games with the families there. The RMH serves to help those families with children staying at local hospitals, and we love to help out and play games. 

Each week we host multiple game nights (and game days!) at local stores in the area. We also host a weekly YouTube show, where we talk about our events, games we've played, upcoming community stuff, and talk to interesting guests. 

If you're into playing games and/or helping people, this is the community for you! Be sure to join our Facebook group or follow us on Twitter and introduce yourself. We're gaming in every way and in every place we can be, so if you're LFG, you've found it!

A look into Nerd Night in April 2013, our first at J Gilligan's in Arlington!


From our founder, JR Honeycutt:

My fundamental tenets of Nerd Night - what led me to create the group, and what I believe guides the success of our events and the community we've created together. 

  1. 100% inclusivity - everyone is invited to everything, all the time
  2. Never say no - I'll never say no to an idea, or a suggestion, or a proposal. Ever. Everyone here is a caring, well-meaning person who deserves to have their thoughts seriously considered and talked about before a decision is made. Some of the best things we've done were ideas that I originally wasn't on-board with. 
  3. If you want something to exist, create it - Andrew and I say this to each other every day
  4. We never ask for help - we've never once asked for help with any of our projects - instead, we present the things we do and allow people to be involved in any way they want. When help is offered, it's much more likely to be consistent and meaningful then when it's solicited. 
  5. If you treat someone as the best version of themselves, they'll consistently reward you by being exactly that - this is the thing I say most often to myself, and it's the thing that I'm most sure is true
  6. Be willing to give up ownership - part of building a community is accepting that I don't control what happens here, or what we become, I just guide it based on how I feel and what I do and say - exactly like everybody else who is a part of it
  7. Collaborate first - whenever I reach out to a game store, or a convention, another group, or talk to a designer, or another organization I'd like to work with, the message is always, "Hi, I'm JR and I run DFW Nerd Night - how can we help you?" Working together creates so many opportunities that just wouldn't be there if our goal was to compete. We exist to provide benefit for everybody in our community, which stretches as far as we can imagine. 

Emmanuel "1-UP" Aouad put together a video celebrating our first birthday! 

Tony Miller (@BeardedRogue) talks about DFW Nerd Night and what he loves about the community.